These is a packaging design to be used as 'leave behind' with interviewers as a gift to remember me.
The concept is 'Fun food for working people', while they are working, chewing snack would help them have better focus and think about new idea.
Creative Snack
Packaging Design
Fall 2017

In this process, the packaging will use and how users will interact with the product, I sketch many ideas to investigate the relationship between location, user needs, and also colors palettes. 

From the sketch, the concept of this project is about being productive with food like the English idiom said ‘An army marches on its stomach.’ The location will be a break room where people can relax and have a coffee before going back to work.

Final Design

Triangle packaging is the final product of this project as it has a unique shape and playfulness along with a color palette that relates to the idea of 'Fun food for working people.

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